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A project office is based at the Section for Agriculture at the Goetheanum.

Project Team
Ambra Sedlmayr, Ueli Hurter, Reto Ingold

Information and registration
Sektion für Landwirtschaft am Goetheanum
Hügelweg 59
CH-4143 Dornach
Tel/ Fax +41 61 706 42 12 / 15

Demeter Jobs

To find volunteering or working opportunities in the biodynamic world, please go to Demeter Jobs:

Young and biodynamic?

Join BING! - The Biodynamic Initiative for the Next Generation.

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Closure of the Project

The Biodynamic Ambassadors programme is closing, since the overhead costs are too high and it was not possible to secure a regular stream of funding. The Section for Agriculture, however is always available to inform you about projects and opportunities around the world.

Please refer to the Demeter Jobs website, where voluntary opportunities are listed as well as jobs and internship opportunities.

Biodynamic Ambassadors

The Idea arose during the Agriculture Conference of February 2011:
Young people who have completed their biodynamic training want to experience the world before they make a long term commitment to a farm. Would it not be possible for those newly trained to go somewhere where the biodynamic work is just starting in for example South Africa, Morocco, southern India or Peru? For it is the farmers on these pioneering farms in countries where the biodynamic impulse is still very new who most frequently ask for help with the practical implementation of biodynamics. 

The biodynamic ambassadors
help to make biodynamics a reality in a particular place, by working alongside the farm manager, helping to set up and develop the biodynamic practice. The ambassadors get to know the pioneer project and the surrounding local culture. This is a practical form of cultural exchange, which helps to weave a personal network between north and south, east and west.

How does it work?

I want to be an ambassador:

  • I send my application form and training documents to the project office

  • I select a suitable farm with the help of the office

  • I participate in the induction course

  • Then I start on the pioneer farm

I manage a pioneering biodynamic farm:

  • I apply to the project office for an ambassador

  • Following successful eligibility checks an ambassador placement is processed

  • I take up direct contact with a potential ambassador

  • The ambassador comes and works on our farm

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